Prominent Rhode Island people

This genealogy information is from: The History of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations: Biographical, (New York: The American Historical Society Incorporated, 1920), which can be found at the Providence Public Library in Providence, Rhode Island and various other libraries and historical societies in New England. The book offers biographies of Rhode Islanders who have achieved distinction in business, law, medicine, government, clergy, and science, and gives genealogy and other family information.

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Individuals with biographies in the multivolume book:
Daniel Aborn
Jonathan Aborn
Joseph Aborn
Rebecca Aborn
Samuel Aborn
Abby Aldrich
Adeline Aldrich
Anan Aldrich
Clarence Aldrich
Edward Aldrich
Lucy Aldrich
Nelson Aldrich
Richard Aldrich
Stewart Aldrich
William Adrich
Winthrop Aldrich
Edith Alger
John Alger
Nathan Alger
Alice Allen
Arthur Allen
Charles Allen
Daniel Allen
Howard Allen
John Allen
Margaret Allen
Marvin Allen
Thomas Allen
William Allen
Hannah Allin
James Allin
John Allin
Pearce Allin
Annie Ames
Fisher Ames
Frank Ames
Harriette Ames
John Ames
Madeleine Ames
Rovert Ames
Samuel Ames
William Ames
Anchor Webbing Company
Bertha Andrews
Franklin Andrews
Harold Andrews
Charles Angell
Emor Angell
Evelyn Angell
Frank Angell
Harley Angell
Israel Angell
James Angell
Jeremiah Angell
John Angell
Nehemiah Angell
Pardon Angell
Sarah Angell
Stephen Angell
Thomas Angell
Waity Angell
Antonio Angeloni
Teresa Angeloni
Tito Angelino
Ardelia Armington
Asa Armington
Bethia Armington
Chloe Armington
Emma Armington
Esther Armington
Hannah Armington
Hervey Armington
Jerauld Armington
John Armington
Joseph Armington
Ruth Armington
Herbert Arnold
Abbie Arnold
Alfred Arnold
Annie Arnold
Arthur Arnold
Benedict Arnold
Benjamin Arnold
Caleb Arnold
Caroline Arnold
Clarence Arnold
Cora Arnold
Dutee Arnold
Edward Arnold
Ellen Arnold
Elmina Arnold
Franklin Arnold
George Arnold
Israel Arnold
James Arnold
Joseph Arnold
Mary Arnold
Mittie Arnold
Mowry Arnold
Nathaniel Arnold
Newton Arnold
Peleg Arnold
Philip Arnold
Ray Arnold
Samuel Arnold
Stephen Arnold
Susan Arnold
Thomas Arnold
William Arnold
Arthur Austin
Clarence Austin
Jessie Austin
John Austin
Louisa Austin
Robert Austin
Charlotte Babcock
Daniel Babcock
Ichabod Babcock
James Babcock
James Babcock
John Babcock
Joseph Babcock
Oliver Babcock
Tristam Babcock
Abner Bailey
Clifford Bailey
Ellen Bailey
George Bailey
Henry Bailey
John Bailey
Julia Bailey
Louise Bailey
Mark Bailey
Martha Bailey
Abraham Baker
Charles Baker
Gorham Baker
J. Willard Baker
Joseph Baker
Lillie Baker
Walter Baker
Barton Ballou
Carrie Ballou
Charles Ballou
Clarence Ballou
Delia Ballou
Eliab Ballou
Emma Ballou
Ezekiel Ballou
Frederick Ballou
Harry Ballou
Henry Ballou
James Ballou
Janet Ballou
Jennie Ballou
Latimer Ballou
Levi Ballou
Mary Ballou
Maturin Ballou
Nathaniel Ballou
Noah Ballou
Obadiah Ballou
Roland Ballou
Sarah Ballou
Sullivan Ballou
Susan Ballou
Ziba Ballou
Mary Bannon
William Bannon
Grace Barber
Harold Barber
Peleg Barber
Anna Barnes
Enoch Barnes
Jonathan Barnes
Levi Barnes
Peter Barnes
Thomas Barnes
Walter Barnes
John Barney
Josiah Barney
Sarah Barney
Walter Barney
Chester Barrows
John Barrows
Mary Barrows
William Barrows
Amos Barstow
Benjamin Barstow
Caleb Barstow
Clara Barstow
George Barstow
Nathaniel Barstow
William Barstow
Eleanor Beeckman
Gilbert Beeckman
Margaret Beeckman
Robert Beeckman
Allin Bicknell
Amelia Bicknell
Elizabeth Bicknell
Harriet Bicknell
Joshua Bicknell
Thomas Bicknell
Zachariah Bicknell
Zachary Bicknell
Charles Bigney
John Bigney
Olive Bigney
Barnabas Binney
Charlotte Binney
Harriet Binney
Horace Binney
John Binney
Josephine Binney
William Binney
James Blessing
Mary Blessing
Peter Blessing
Jonathan Bliss
Miriam Bliss
Thomas Bliss
Albert Bosworth
Edward Bosworth
Evelyn Bosworth
Ichabod Bosworth
Jonathan Bosworth
Leonard Bosworth
Peleg Bosworth
Sarah Bosworth
Smith Bosworth
Joseph Bourgeois
Philomena Bourgeois
Raphael Bourgeois
Augustus Bourn
Elizabeth Bourn
George Bourn
Stephen Bourn
Anthony Bove
Mariannina Bove
Vincenzo Bove
Amos Bowen
Lucie Bowen
William Bowen
Charles Bradley
George Bradley
Helen Bradley
Isaac Bradley
John Bradley
Jonathan Bradley
Joseph Bradley
Emelyn Brand
William Brand
Antoinette Brayton
Benjamin Brayton
Borden Brayton
Charles Brayton
Daniel Brayton
David Brayton
Francis Brayton
George Brayton
Maria Brayton
William Brayton
Abiezer Briggs
Ada Briggs
Alfred Briggs
Alice Briggs
Andrew Briggs
Arthur Briggs
Ebenezer Briggs
Edwin Briggs
Everett Briggs
Fannie Briggs
FRank Briggs
Giles Briggs
Hannah Briggs
Howard Briggs
James Briggs
Job Briggs
John Briggs
Jonathan Briggs
Joseph Briggs
Lucy Briggs
Mary Briggs
Miller Briggs
Olney Briggs
Samuel Briggs
Sarah Briggs
Susan Briggs
Thomas Briggs
Wanton Briggs
Atwood Broadman
Doctor Harry Broadman
Annie Brown
Arba Brown
Daniel Brown
Frank Brown
H. Martin Brown
Isabel Brown
James Brown
Jennette Brown
John Brown
Milton Brown
Minnie Brown
Isabel Browning
William Browning
Francis Budlong
Frank Budlong
John Budlong
Marha Budlong
Martin Budlong
Moses Budlong
Robert Budlong
Ruth Budlong
Samuel Budlong
Walter Budlong
Benjamin Buffington
Besse Buffington
J. Allen Buffington
John Buffington
Thomas Buffington
Ruth Burlingame
Stephen Burlingame
Eliza Burrington
Henry Burrington
John Burrington
Roger Burrington
William Burrington
Aline Buxton
Anthony Buxton
Armstrong Buxton
Benjamin Buxton
David Buxton
Edward Buxton
G. Edward Buxton
James Buxton
Joseph Buxton
Samuel Buxton
Eugena Cahoone
George Cahoone
Angie Callaghan
Thomas Callaghan
Agnes Camfield
James Camfield
William Camfield
Allan Campbell
Allen Campbell
Bonaparte Campbell
Emma Campbell
James Campbell
Florence Capwell
Searles Capwell
Alva Carpenter
Caroline Carpenter
Clarence Carpenter
Fannie Carpenter
George Carpenter
Harriet Carpenter
Henry Carpenter
Hugh Carpenter
Isaac Carpenter
James Carpenter
John Carpenter
Jonathan Carpenter
Miriam Carpenter
Richard Carpenter
William Carpenter
Candace Carrington
Edward Carrington
Lemuel Carrington
Lorina Carrington
Mary Carrington
Peter Carrington
Frederick Cassidy
Margaret Cassidy
Patrick Cassidy
George Caswell
Job Caswell
John Caswell
Maud Caswell
Sallie Caswell
Sophia Caswell
Stephen Caswell
W. Herbert Caswell
William Caswell
Joseph Cawley
Julia Cawley
Patrick Cawley
Arnold Chace
Christine Chace
Edward Chace
Eliza Chace
Oliver Chace
Samuel Chace
Experience Chaffee
Hannah Chaffee
Jonathan Chaffee
Nathaniel Chaffee
Thomas Chaffee
Frances Champlin
Jeffrey Champlin
John Champlin
Robert Champlin
Rusel Champlin
Edwin Chase
John Chase
Martha Chase
Charles Chatterton
George Chatterton
Phoebe Chatterton
Albert Chesebrough
Caroline Chesebrough
E. Stanton Chesebrough
Francis Chester
Frank Chester
Fred Chester
Nancy Chester
Samuel Chester
Betsey Child
James Child
John Child
Mary Child
Molly Child
Howard Church
James Church
Sarah Church
Albert Claflin
George Clafin
Lyman Clafin
Mary Clafin
Alfred Coats
Archibald Coats
Elizabeth Coats
James Coats
Peter Coats
Franklin Cobb
Louise Cobb
Luther Cobb
John Coggeshall
Major John Coggeshall
Joshua Coggeshall
Josiah Coggeshall
Madeline Coggeshall
Samuel Coggeshall
Albert Cole
Andrew College
Benjamin Cole
Cyrus Cole
Francis Cole
Frank Cole
Hugh Cole
Jackson Cole
James Cole
Martha Cole
Mary Cole
Samuel Cole
Washington Cole
Benjamin Colt
Christopher Colt
Elizabeth Colt
John Colt
LeBaron Colt
Mary Colt
Samuel Colt
Theodora Colt
Augusta Colvin
Caleb Colvin
Charles Colvin
Clara Colvin
Clarence Colvin
Edith Colvin
George Colvin
Hannah Colvin
Henry Colvin
James Colvin
John Colvin
Louisa Colvin
Sara Colvin
Sheldon Colvin
Stephen Colvin
Theodore Colvin
Vincent Colvin
Lillie Cowell
Ralph Cowell
Uriah Cowell
Alice Comstock
Joseph COmstock
Richard Comstock
William Comstock
Ariel Cook
George COok
Gertrude Cook
Lucia Cook
Mary Cook
Nathaniel Cook
Samuel Cook
Theodore Cook
Walter Cook
Emily Corliss
George Corliss
Hiram Corliss
John Corliss
Maria Corliss
Phebe Corliss
Thomas Corliss
Addie Cowell
Edward Cowell
George Cowell
John Cowell
Joseph Cowell
Samuel Cowell
George Cross
Joseph Cross
Martha Cross
Samuel Cross
William Cross
James Cunningham
Joseph Cunningham
Mary Cunningham
Emily Cushman
Henry Cushman
Lucy Cushman
Catharine Darling
Charles Darling
Simeon Darling
Darling Fertilizer Company
Daniel Davis
Elisha Davis
Emily Davis
James Davis
John Davis
Lydia Davis
Marietta Davis
Charles Davol
Jonathan Davol
Joseph Davol
Lilian Davol
Mary Davol
Pardon Davol
Stephen Davol
William Davol
Benjamin Dean
John Dean
Louise Dean
Mabel Dean
Bridget Dempsey
Christopher Dempsey
James Dempsey
John Dempsey
William Dempsey
Anne Dennis
Arthur Dennis
Hope Dennis
John Dennis
Balthasar DeWolf
Charles DeWolf
Charlotte DeWolf
Edward DeWolf
George DeWolf
Mark De Wolf
Annie Dexter
Edgar Dexter
Emma Dexter
Harriet Dexter
Henry Dexter
John Dexter
Roscoe Dexter
Theodore Dexter
Waterman Dexter
Byron Diman
Emily Diman
Jeremiah Diman
John Diman
Louise Diman
Nathaniel Diman
Thomas Diman
Annie Dixon
Dwight Dixon
Ezra Dixon
John Dixon
Edgar Docherty
Finlay Docherty
Margaret Docherty
Elizabeth Dodge
Solomon Dodge
Walter Dodge
Ellen Dooley
Michael Dooley
Timothy Dooley
Catherine Doran
James Doran
John Doran
Annie Dracup
Edmund Dracup
Lionel Dracup
William Dracup
Ebenezer Draper
Ethel Draper
Fred Draper
G. Bradford Draper
George Draper
James Draper
Lizzie Draper
Mary Draper
Noah Draper
Sarah Draper
William Draper
Emma Drummond
Horace Drummond
Willis Drummond
Charles Dudley
Harriet Dudley
William Dudley
Clarence DUnbar
David Dunnell
Henry Dunnell
Jacob DUnnell
Michael Dunnell
Sarah Dunnell
Thomas Dunnell
Alice Dwyer
James Dwyer
Matthew Dwyer
Charlotte Dyer
Elisha Dyer
George Dyer
Grace Dyer
H. Anthony Dyer
Charles Easton
Charles Easton
Elizabeth Easton
Nicholas Easton
Charles Eddy
Ferdinand Eddy
Louise Eddy
Samuel Eddy
William Eddy
Allen Edwards
Carrie Edwards
Harriet Edwards
James Edwards
John Edwards
Lafayette Edwards
Lawrence Edwards
Nathan Edwards
Phineas Edwards
Richard Edwards
S. Mattie Edwards
Captain Thomas Edwards
Amie Eldredge
Charles Eldredge
Henry Eldredge
James Eldredge
Charles Emerson
Marian Emerson
Robert Emerson
Anna Evans
Edwin Evans
Elisha Evans
Florence Evans
Henry Evans
Jehu Evans
Carrie Fales
David Fales
Emma Fales
James Fales
John Fales
LeRoy Fales
Minnie Fales
Warren Fales
Joseph Farnham
Laura Farnham
William Farnham
Caleb Farnum
Charles Farnum
Cyrus Farnum
Howard Farnum
John Farnum
Joseph Farnum
Mary Farnum
Maud Farnum
Ralph Farnum
John Ferrier
Obadiah Ferrier
Winifred Ferrier
Herbert Fillebrown
Lora Fillebrown
Albert FIske
George Fiske
Isaac Fiske
Mary Fiske
Elizabeth Flynn
Francis Flynn
Harry Flynn
James Flynn
Jessie Flynn
William Flynn
Anna Foster
Edward Foster
Harriet Foster
James Foster
John Foster
Joseph Foster
Robert Foster
Samuel Foster
Timothy Foster
William Foster
George Fowler
Lula Fowler
Carl Fritz
Earl Fritz
Isabel Fritz
Joel Fritz
William Fritz
Willis Fritz
George Fuller
Martha Fuller
Rufus Fuller
Christina Gainer
John Gainer
Joseph Gainer
Arhur Gammell
Bessie Gammell
John Gammell
R.H. Ives Gammell
William Gammell
Abbie Gardner
Ezekiel Gardner
George Gardner
Henry Gandner
John Gardner
Karine Gardner
Nancy Gardner
Jicholas Gardner
Rachel Gardner
Rathbone Gardner
Sophie Gardner
James Garvin
Lucius Garvin
Lucy Garvin
Sarah Garvin
Johanna Geary
John Geary
P. William Geary
Angeline Gee
Grace Gee
Henry Gee
James Gee
Nancy Gee
Robert Gee
William Gee
General Machinery Company
Charles George
Clarissa George
Daniel George
Edward George
James George
Mary George
Richard George
Thomas George
Caroline Gilbert
Joseph Gilbert
Henry Glendinning
John Glendinning
Maud Glendinning
ALice Goff
David Goff
Isaac GOff
William Goff
Alexander Gordon
Lucy Gordon
Walter Gordon
George Gorton
Mahala Gorton
Samuel Gorton
Bertha Gosling
Elizabeth Gosling
George Gosling
LeRoy Gosling
Thomas Gosling
Frank Grant
Henry Grant
Jessie Grant
Joseph Grant
Mary Grant
W.A.H. Grant
Arnold Green
Cornelia Green
Theodore Green
Thomas Green
Timothy Green
Caleb Greene
Caroline Greene
Jabez Greene
James GReene
John Greene
Mary Greene
Nathan Greene
Sarah Greene
Welcome Greene
William Greene
Robert Grosvenor
Rosa Grosvenor
Rose Grosvenor
William Grosvenor
Cleora Hall
Franklin Hall
J. Everett Hall
James Hall
Katherine Hall
William Hall
Arthur Ham
Hedley Ham
Laura Ham
Mary Ham
Mathias Ham
Frank Hammill
Olivia Hammill
Patrick Hammill
Clara Hammond
J. Ernest Hammond
John Hammond
Edwin Handy
Eliza Handy
Russell Handy
Stephen Handy
Susan Handy
Thomas Handy
Margaret Harkins
Mattew Harkins
Patrick Harkins
Amelia Harrington
Arthur Harrington
Clifton Harrington
Loammi Harrington
Mary Harrington
Randall Harrington
Amy Harris
Bert Harris
Edward Harris
Herbert Harris
Ira Harris
Lena Harris
Mary Harris
William Harris
Charles Hartshorn
Helen Hartshorn
Samuel Hartshorn
Stella Hartshorn
Frerick Hartwell
Joseph Jartwell
Mary Hartwell
Samuel Hartwell
Anna Hazard
Elizabeth Hazard
Jeffrey Hazard
Jeremiah Hazard
John Hazard
Lauriston Hazard
Margaret Hazard
Robert Hazard
Thomas Hazard
Edouard Hebert
Felix Hebert
Virginia Hebert
Carl Herreshoff
Charles Herreshoff
James Herreshoff
John Herreshoff
Julia Herreshoff
Julian Herreshoff
Lewis Herreshoff
Nathaniel Herreshoff
Charlotte Heydon
David Heydon
Henry Heydon
Howard Heydon
Wright Heydon
Margaret Hickey
William Hickey
Abby Hidden
Andrew Hidden
Charles Hidden
Ebenezer Hidden
Edward Hidden
Henry Hidden
James Hidden
Kate Hidden
Walter Hidden
Wilkins Hidden
Albert Hill
Allen HIll
Eva Hill
Flora Hill
Jonathan Hill
Lester Hill
Mary Hill
Prescott Hill
Ruth Hill
Walter HIll
Corliss Hinds
Cornelius Hinds
Ellen Hinds
Hiram Hinds
James Hinds
John Hinds
William Hinds
Carrie Holbrook
Daisy Holbrook
Harry Holbrook
William Holbrook
Holmes Abby Holmes
George Holmes
William Holmes
Amanda Holyoke
Edward Holyoke
Samuel Holyoke
William Holyoke
Charles Hope
Emma Hope
John Hope
Julia Hope
Amos Hopkins
David Hopkins
Elizabeth Hopkins
Joseph Hopkins
Lillian Hopkins
Lyman Hopkins
Mary Hopkins
Rufus Hopkins
Samuel Hopkins
Stephen Hopkins
Thomas Hopkins
Uriah Hopkins
William Hopkins
Calista Horton
Carrie Horton
Charles Horton
Constant Horton
Cromwell Horton
Daniel Horton
Ellis Horton
Fred Horton
Grace Horton
Henry Horton
Hezekiah Horton
Horace Horton
JAmes Horton
John Horton
MAry Horton
Otis Horton
Silvanus Horton
Solomon Horton
Stafford Horton
Thomas Horton
WIlliam Horton
Benjamin Hubbard
Daniel Hubbard
George Hubbard
John HUbbard
Jonathan Hubbard
S. Augusta Hubbard
Arthur HUnt
Eliza Hunt
Ephraim Hunt
Frederick Hunt
John Hunt
Peter HUnt
Simeon Hunt
William Hunt
Ellen Hurley
James Hurley
John Hurley
Christopher Hussey
George Hussey
Julia Hussey
William Hussey
Joseph Hutcheson
Sarah Hutcheson
George Hutchinson
James Hutchinson
Marie Hutchinson
Newton Hutchison
Edmund Ingalls
Eliza Ingalls
Harriet Ingalls
James Ingalls
Jeremiah Jenckes
Joseph Jenckes
Mary Jenckes
Thomas Jenckes
Gertrude Jennings
Richard Jennings
Chester Johnstone
Edith Johnstone
Anna Jones
Fannie Jones
John Jones
Louise Jordan
William Jordan
Alice Keefe
Denis Keefe
John Keefe
Arthur Kelley
Daniel Kelley
John Kelley
Joseph Kelley
Lotta Kelley
Micaijah Kelley
Olive Kelley
Alexander Kennedy
Ambrose Kennedy
Anastacia Kennedy
Celinda Kennedy
George Kennedy
Hugh Kennedy
Margaret Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy
Thomas Kennedy
Isaac Kent
Joseph Kent
Josiah Kent
Ruth Kent
Samuel Kent
Elisha Kenyon
Garner Kenyon
Grafton Kenyon
John Kenyon
Jonathan Kenyon
Mary Kenyon
Nathan Kenyon
Orrin Kenyon
William Kenyon
Amherst Kimball
Asa Kimball
Charles Kimball
Emery Kimball
Gertrude Kimball
Horace Kimball
John Kimball
Joseph Kimball
Philemon Kimball
Richard Kimball
Sarah Kimball
Charles King
Dan King
Daniel King
Elijah King
Frances King
George King
Howard King
John King
Mary King
Thomas King
William King
Daniel Knauer
Helen Knauer
Philip Knauer
Ann Knowles
Eliza Knowles
Ella Knowles
Ellmer Knowles
Henry Knowles
Horace Knowles
William Knowles
Andrew Kobelsperger
Kate Kobelsperger
Chares Lansing
Elizabeth Lansing
George Lansing
Gerritt Lansing
Hendrick Lansing
Jacob Lansing
John Lansing
Willard Lansing
William Lansing
Emma Lawrence
Henry Lawrence
Herbert Lawrence
Emma Lawrence
Frank Lawton
Molly Lawton
Apollos Leach
Daniel Leach
Henry Leach
Mary Leach
Edward Leahy
Fern Leahy
John Leahy
Anna Lee
John Lee
Joseph Lee
Gustav Lenz
Sarah Lenz
George Lewis
Hiram Lewis
Isaiah Lewis
James Lewis
John Lewis
Joseph Lewis
Mary Lewis
Winslow Lewis
Amos Lillibridge
Charles Lillibridge
Edward Lillibridge
Jennette Lillibridge
John Lillibridge
Sarah Lillibridge
Thomas Lillibridge
Wanton Lillibridge
William Lillibridge
Andrew Linton
Elizabeth Linton
Hugh Linton
Mary Linton
Robert Linton
Alfred Littlefield
Arletta Littlefield
Charles LIttlefield
Daniel Littlfield
Eben Littlefield
Edmund LIttlefield
Francis Littlefield
Ida Littlefield
Mary Littlefield
Nathan Littlefield
Rufus LIttlefield
Seth Littlefield
Abraham Lockwood
Adam Lockwood
Benajah Lockwood
Ella Lockwood
Frank Lockwood
Gershom Lockwood
Lawrence Lockwood
Lillian Lockwood
Louvan Lockwood
Ralph Lockwood
Robert Lockwood
Thomas Lockwood
Viola Lockwood
Charles Longley
Henrietta Longley
Bridget Lowney
Denis Lowney
Edward Luther
Frederick Luther
Martin Luther
Nettie Luther
WIlliam LUther
Alexander McBee
Emily McBee
William McBee
Hames McCann
John McCann
Rebecca McCann
Anne McCarthy
Patrick McCarthy
Florence McCusker
John McCusker
Thomas McCusker
Mary McDonnell
Patrick McDonnell
Thomas McDonnell
Carrie McFee
Charles McFee
Hamden McFee
Raymond McFee
Bernard McGuinness
Edwin McGuinness
Ellen McGuinness
Felix McGuinness
Mary McGuinness
Mary McGuirk
Michael McGuirk
William McGUirk
Ellen McKiernan
John McKiernan
Peter McKiernan
Charlotte McVickar
Eweretta McVickar
James McVickar
John McVickar
John McVickar
William McVickar
Edward Macomber
Emily Macomber
William Macomber
Daniel Mahler
Jacob Mahler
Teodelinda Mahler
Caroline Manchester
Emma Manchester
Isaac Manchester
Jacob Manchester
John Manchester
Mary Manchester
Thankful Manchester
Thomas Manchester
Walter Manchester
Willard Manchester
William Manchester
Andrew Martin
Darius Martin
E. Cornell Martin
Edgar Martin
Laurence Martin
Lena Martin
Wesley Martin
Celia Mathewson
Syria Mathewson
Thomas Mathewson
Almira Matteson
Arnold Matteson
Henry Matteson
Nicholas Merewether
Sarah Merewether
Thomas Merewether
William Merewether
Amasa Merriman
Caleb Merriman
Charles Merriman
Edward Merriman
Eliasaph Merriman
Helen Merriman
Nathaniel Merriman
Theophilus Merriman
William Merriman
Brian Metcalf
Helen Metcalf
Jesse Metcalf
Joel Metcalf
Jonathan Metcalf
Leonard Metcalf
Manton Metcalf
Michael Metcalf
Nathaniel Metcalf
Roger Metcalf
Sarah Metcalf
Stephen Metcalf
Lottie Michaud
Samuel Michaud
John Miller
Nathan Miller
Nathaniel Miller
Robert Miller
Ruth Miller
Annie Moore
Daniel Moore
Edmund Moore
Elizabeth Moore
Elmer Moore
James Moore
Jonathan Moore
John Moore
Joseph Moore
Joshua Moore
Richard Moore
Roger Moore
Seth Moore
Mary Moroney
Patrick Moroney
Benjamin Moulton
Charlotte Moulton
Cromwell Moulton
David Moulton
Ephraim Moulton
Lillian Moulton
Mary Moulton
Richard Moulton
Ruth Moulton
Samuel Moulton
Addison Munroe
Annie Munroe
Burden Munroe
Chester Munroe
Harold Munroe
John Munroe
Philip Munroe
John Munroe
Phillip Munroe
Stephen Munroe
William Munroe
Israel Nichols
Nancy Nichols
Richard Nichols
Samuel Nichols
Elizabeth Norton
John Norton
Michael Norton
William Norton
George O’Shaunessy
Julien O’Shaunessy
Stephen O’Shaunessy
Charles Oldfield
John Oldfield
Martha Oldfield
Mary Oldfield
William Oldfield
Betsy Olney
Elizabeth Olney
Epenetus Olney
George Olney
James Olney
John Olney
Jonathan Olney
Joseph Olney
Ruth Olney
Thomas Olney
Walter Olney
Ziba Olney
Alice Orrell
Frederick Orrell
James Orrell
Mary Orrell
William Orrell
Ambrose Packard
Helen Packard
Josiah Packard
Kirke Packard
Margaret Packard
Samuel Packard
Anna Paige
Caroline Paige
George Paige
Hattie Paige
Henry Paige
John Paige
Martin Paige
Nathaniel Paige
A.M. Paine
Ara Paine
Lydia Paine
Moab Paine
Abbie Palmer
Frank Palmer
John Palmer
Julius Palmer
Laurina Palmer
William Palmer
Annie Pearse
Nathaniel Pearse
Richard Pearse
Robert Pearse
Ruth Pearse
Adaline Peck
Albert Peck
Asa Peck
Benjamin Peck
Charles Peck
Ellis Peck
Elsie Peck
Frederick Peck
Helen Peck
Ichabod Peck
Jathniel Peck
Jesse Peck
John Peck
Jonathan Peck
Joseph Peck
Leander Peck
Louise Peck
Mary Peck
Nathan Peck
Nathaniel Peck
Nicholas Peck
Patience Peck
Samuel Peck
Solomon Peck
Sulvanus Peck
Thomas Peck
Charles Perkins
Ella Pekins
Frederick Perkins
Edward Perry
Ellen Perry
George Perry
Horatio Perry
Marian Perry
Marsden Perry
Earl Peterson
George Peterson
Hannah Peterson
Anthony Pettine
Loraine Pettine
Michael Pettine
Abbott Phillips
Amy Phillips
Charles Phillips
David Phillips
Edith Phillips
Eugene Phillips
Frank Phillips
Jeremiah Phillips
Jeremy Phillips
Joseph Phillips
Josephine Phillips
Michael Phillips
Andrew Pierce
Ephraim Pierce
George Pierce
Isaac Pierce
Mary Pierce
Mial Pierce
Michael Pierce
Nathan Pierce
Sarah Pierce
Waterman Pierce
Catherine Pope
Icabod Pope
William Pope
Aram Pothier
Francoise Pothier
Jules Pothier
Benjamin Potter
Daniel Potter
Freeborn Potter
Jobe Potter
Joshua Potter
Julia Potter
Louisa Potter
Nathaniel Potter
William Potter
Hope Powel
Samuel Powel
Emily Pratt
Lucy Pratt
Stuart Pratt
William Pratt
Ada Presbrey
Allen Presbrey
Walter Presbrey
Providence Visitor
Agnes Quinn
Margaret Quinn
Peter Quinn
Eliza Radeke
Gustav Radeke
Mabel Ranger
Mary Ranger
Nehemiah Ranger
Peter Ranger
Walter Ranger
Ansel Rankin
Austin Rankin
Bertha Rankin
Carl Rankin
John Rankin
Elmer Rathbun
James Rathbun
Virginia Rathbun
Florence Rathom
John Rathom
Charlotte Read
Thomas J. Read
Walter Read
Antonio Rebello
Emilia Rebello
Jose Rebello
David Reeves
Lorenzo Reeves
Sarah Reeves
Charles Remington
Enoch Remington
Florence Remington
George Remington
Jane Remington
John Remington
Joseph Remington
Archibald Reoch
Helen Reoch
Lillias Reoch
Robert Reoch
Allen Reynolds
Benjamin Reynolds
Elizabeth Reynolds
Francis Reynolds
James Reynolds
John Reynolds
Lula Reynolds
Peter Reynolds
William Reynolds
Rhode Island School of Design
Isaac Richards
Marietta Richards
Harriette Richardson
Henry Richardson
Lucy Richardson
Moses Richardson
Elizabeth Robinson
Ellen Robinson
Isaac Robinson
Jeremiah Robinson
Joseph Romano
Maria Romano
Pasquale Romano
Frank Rowse
George Rowse
Herbert Rowse
Lester Rowse
Malvina Rowse
William Rowse
Alice Rustigan
Baxter Rustigan
Jasper Rustigan
A.E. Rylander
Bernice Sanborn
Harvey Sanborn
William Sanborn
Alice Sanderson
Harold Sanderson
Austin Sands
Frederick Sands
Julia Sands
Emery San Souci
Euzebe San Souci
George San Souci
Joseph San Souci
Minnie San Souci
Paul San Souci
Sarah San Souci
Elsie Saunders
George Saunders
William Saunders
Albert Sayles
Daniel Sayles
Emma Sayles
Fannie Sayles
Fred Sayles
Hardin Sayles
Israel Sayles
John Sayles
Phebe Sayles
Richard Sayles
John Scheuren
Joseph Scheuren
Mary Scheuren
Helen Scott
Louis Scott
Richard Scott
Walter Scott
Wilber Scott
Judah Semenoff
Lucy Semenoff
Wolff Semenoff
Christopher Sheldon
Frank Sheldon
Huldah Sheldon
Mary Sheldon
Pardon Sheldon
Rebecca Sheldon
Remington Sheldon
Albert Sherman
Edward Sherman
Henry Sherman
Job Sherman
John Sherman
Mary Sherman
Philip Sherman
Samuel Sherman
Samson Sherman
Thomas Sherman
William Sherman
David Sherwood
George Sherwood
Herbert Sherwood
Mary Sherwood
Thomas Sherwood
Caleb Shippee
Charles Shippee
David Shippee
Edna Shippee
George Shippee
Gerald Shippee
Henry Shippee
Lodowick Shippee
Mancer Shippee
Samuel Shippee
Thomas Shippee
F. Ronald Simmons
Frank Simmons
Henry Simmons
Mary Simmons
Stephen Simmons
William Simmons
Edmund Simpson
Edward Simpson
Julia Simpson
Mary Simpson
Asa Sisson
Charles Sisson
Clarence Sisson
Elizabeth Sisson
Henry Sisson
Ida Sisson
John Sisson
Nathan Sisson
Richard Sisson
Russell Sisson
William Sisson
Benoni Smith
Christopher Smith
Daniel Smith
Elisha Smith
Elizabeth Smith
Evangeline Smith
Frank Smith
John Smith
Joseph Smith
Martin Smith
Pitts Smith
Richard Smith
Thomas Smith
William Smith
George Sparhawk
Rebecca Sparhawk
Caroline Spencer
Charles Spencer
E. Ellen Spencer
Everett Spencer
Gideon Spencer
Harry Spencer
Henry Spencer
John Spencer
Martha Spencer
Nettie Spencer
Richard Spencer
Ruth Spencer
Sarah Spencer
Simmons Spencer
Thomas Spencer
William Spencer
Bessie Sprague
Daniel Sprague
Ebenezer Sprague
John Sprague
Katharine Sprague
M. Alice Sprague
Rufus Sprague
Welcome Sprague
William Sprague
Arthur Stanley
Arthur Stanley
Eunice Stanley
Henry Stanley
John Stanley
Matthew Stanley
Amybelle Stanley
Farrand Strahahan
Florence Stranahan
Alice Sterges
Elizabeth Sterges
Howard Sterges
Marie Sterges
Rush Sterges
Thomas Sterges
Walter Sterges
Frances Swanson
Oscar Swanson
Swan Swanson
John Swinney
Emma Taft
Deborah Taft
Joseph Taft
Marvel Taft
Orray Taft
Robert Taft

Harriet Talcott
Mabel Talcott
Mancell Talcott
Walter Talcott
Alice Taylor
Charles Taylor
James Taylor
Ruth Taylor
George Teehan
Morris Teehan
Vesta Teehan
Benjamin Tefft
Mary Tefft
Alanson Thayer
Bessie Thayer
Edward Thayer
S. Willard Thayer
Charles Thornley
Cora Thornley
Ella Thornley
Harriet Thornely
John Thornley
Peter Thornley
Irene Thornton
James Thornton
Jessie Thornton
John Thornton
Solomon Thornton
Benjamin Thurston
Edward Thurston
George Thurston
Jeremiah Thurston
John Thurston
Jonathan Thurston
Ebenezer Tiffany
Ephraim Tiffany
Hezekiah Tiffany
Humphrey Tiffany
Jeanette Tiffany
Abbie Tilley
John Tilley
Simeon Tilley
William Tilley
Alice Tillinghast
Belle Tillinghast
Charles Tillinghast
George Tillinghast
Henry Tillinghast
James Tillinghast
Pardon Tillinghast
Ralph Tillinghast
Sarah Tillinghast
Theodore Tillinghast
William Tillinghast
Adella Tingley
Samuel Tingley
John Tobin
Mary Tobin
Robert Tobin
Ella Trumpler
Peter Trumpler
James Tully
John Tully
Margaret Tully
Abby Updike (Opdyck)
Daniel Updike
Gysbert Updike
Lodowick Updike
Wilkins Updike
Caleb Upton
Cornelia Upton
James Upton
John Upton
Robert Upton
William Upton
Winslow Upton
Elizabeth Utter
George Utter
Henry Uttter
Josephine Utter
Anson Viall
Benjamin Viall
Harriet Viall
John Viall
Nathaniel Viall
Richmond Viall
William Viall
Alice Vose
Enoch Vose
Henry Vose
Joshua Vose
Robert Vose
Sarah Vose
Thomas Vose
Benjamin Walcot
Charles Walcott
Ebenezer Walcott
Gregory Walcott
John Walcott
Jonathan Walcott
Lodowick Walcott
Mary Walcott
William Walcott
Daniel Walker
Hannah Walker
James Walker
Philip Walker
Widow Walker
Benjamin Waterhouse
Cordelia Waterhouse
George Waterhouse
Howard Waterhouse
Margaret Waterhouse
Richard Waterhouse
Alpheus Waterman
Benjamin Waterman
Frances Waterman
Frank Waterman
Franklin Waterman
George Waterman
Jeremiah Waterman
John Waterman
Katharine Waterman
Lewis Waterman
Nathaniel Waterman
Nicholas Waterman
Resolved Waterman
Richard Waterman
Susan Waterman
Annie Watson
Arthur Watson
Byron Watson
Elisha Watson
Freeman Watson
Isabel Watson
John Watson
Benjamin Weaver
Clement Weaver
John Weaver
Perry Weaver
Thomas Weaver
Wealthy Weaver
Abraham Whipple
Alice Whipple
Andrew Whipple
Arlon Whipple
Benjamin Whipple
Charles Whipple
Daniel Whipple
Edna Whipple
Eleazer Whipple
Eliab Whipple
Emor Whipple
Ephraim Whipple
Ester Whipple
Helen Whipple
John Whipple
Rachel Whipple
Simon Whipple
Frederic Whitaker
Henry Whitaker
Sara Whitaker
Charles White
Derick White
Edward White
Elijah White
Elizabeth White
James White
Joseph White
Lydia White
Mary White
Nicholas White
Rufus White
Stillman White
Amelia Whiteside
David Whiteside
Thomas Whiteside
Dennis Wholey
Elizabeth Wholey
Timothy Wholey
Daniel Wightman
George Wightman
Grace Wilbour
Isaac Wilbour
Lincoln Wilbour
Philip Wilbour
G.W. Wilcox
Mary Wilcox
Arnold Wilkinson
Jessie Wilkinson
John Wilkinson
Lawrence Wilkinson
Walter Wilkinson
William Wilkinson
Caleb Williams
Jeremiah Williams
Joseph Williams
Louise Williams
Mercy Williams
Otis Williams
Pardon Williams
Roger Williams
Ruth Williams
Thomas Williams
Joseph Witherow
Margaret Witherow
William Witherow
Anna Woffenden
Joseph Woffenden
Richard Woffenden
Adele Wood
Alanson Wood
Fenner Wood
Harriet Wood
Henry Wood
John Wood
Jonathan Wood
Lydia Wood
Manning Wood
Remington Wood
William Wood
Reverend Abel Woods
Alva Woods
John Woods
Marshall Woods
Samuel Woods
Clarence Wooley
Mary Wooley
Thomas Wooley
Celia Woolf
Henry Woolf
Herman Woolf
Albert Wright
Harold Wright
Mary Wright
Nathan Wright
Charles Young
Clara Young
Daniel Young
Julia Young
Othniel Young
Zebeda Young

Please leave a post if you want information on these individuals posted.

These individuals resided in the Rhode Island towns, villages and cities of: Barrington, Block Island, Bristol, Burrillville, Central Falls, Charlestown, Coventry, Cranston, Cumberland, East Greenwich, East Providence, Exeter, Foster, Glocester (Gloucester), Greenville, Hopkinton, Jamestown, Johnston, Lincoln, Little Compton, Middletown, Narragansett, Newport, New Shoreham, North Kingstown, North Providence, North Smithfield, Pawtucket, Portsmouth, Providence, Richmond, Scituate, Smithfield, South Kingstown, Tiverton, Warren, Warwick, Westerly, West Greenwich (West Greenwhich), West Warwick, Woonsocket.

Other place names in Rhode Island mentioned:
Abbott Run
Armington Corner
Arnold Mills
Bartons Corner
Bay Spring
Beach Terrace
Birch Hill
Bishop Heights
Black Plain
Blackstone Valley
Bliss Corners
Bonnet Shores
Branch Village
Brenton Village
Bristol Ferry
Bristol Highlands
Carpenters Corner
Charlestown Beach
Cherry Valley
Clarks Village
Cold Spring Beach
Columbia Heights
Comstock Gardens
Conanicut Park
Cooks Corner
Cumberland Hill
Curtis Corner
Diamond Hill
Dryden Heights
Dunn Corner
Dunn Landing
East Natick
East Providence Center
East Warren
Ellis Flats
Fairbanks Corner
Federal Hill
Folly Landing
Fort Ninigret
Fountain Spring
Fruit Hill
Frys Corner
Garden City
Glen Rock
Gortons Corner
Grants Mills
Green Hill
Hamiltons Corner
Highland Beach
Hope Valley
Hopkins Hollow
Hopkins Mills
Hoxsie Kent
Indian Lake Shores
Isaacs Corner
Island Park
Jamestown Shores
Kent Corner
Kettle Corner
Kiefer Park
Kingston Station
Kitts Corner
Langworthy Corner
Laurel Park
Leonard Corner
Lime Rock
Lincoln Park
Lippitt Estate
Luther Corner
McGowan Corners
Meadow View
Moosehorn Corner
Mooseup Valley
Mount View
Narragansett Beach
Narragansett Pier
Narragansett Terrace
New Shoreham Center
Nichols Corner
North Foster
North Quidnessett
North Scituate
North Tiverton
Oak Valley
Oakland Beach
Old Harbor Landing
Palace Garden
Peace Dale
Peck Corner
Pettaquamscutt Lake Shores
Pine Hill
Places Corner
Plum Beach
Point Judith
Potter Hill
Quonochontaug Beach
Rice City
River Point
River View
Rocky Brook
Rocky Point
Rodman Crossing
Round Top
Sayles Bleachery
Saylesville Highlands
Scarborough Hills
Seaweed Beach
Shady Harbor
Shelter Harbor
Shippee Corner
Shore Acres
Silver Hook
Silver Spring
Simmons Corner
Snug Harbor
South Foster
South Hopkinton
South Portsmouth
South Scituate
Spencers Corner
Spring Green
Spring Grove
Spring Lake
Tarbox Corner
Touisset Highlands
Tripps Corner
Tuckertown Four Corners
Tug Hollow
Union Village
Valley Falls
Vaughn Hollow
Vue de l'eau
Waldron Corners
Weekapaug Beach
West Barrington
West Gloucester
West Greenville
West Kingston
Westcott Kent
White Rock
Wightmans Corner
Wildes Corner
Wood River Junction
Woods Corner

Providence County
Kent County
Washington County
Bristol County
Newport County

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