Bates College Students in the Civil War

This is a incomplete list of Bates College (Maine State Seminary) students who fought in Civil War. Emeline Cheney reported that as of November 1864, the Seminary and College "sent one hundred and seventy-five of its young men to the war."(The Story of the Life and Work of Oren B. Cheney, p.146) Bates College is a liberal arts college located in Lewiston, Maine. The list is from page 3 of the April and July 1863 copies of the Seminary Advocate:

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Seminary Roll of Honor

Class of ‘58
Charles A. Curtis, 2d Lieut. 5th US infantry
Willard M. Jenkins, 1st Lieutenant 17, Me. Deceased
Samuel Jordon, Assistant Paymaster, USN
d. N. Linscott, Capt. 24th Me.
Stephen H. Manning, Quartermaster Sergeant, 1st Me.; promoted Quartermaster 5th Me.;
prom. Brigade Quartermaster
Albion Thorn, 1st Liet. 23d Me.

Class of ‘59
Henry M. Bearce, Orderly; prom. 2d Lieut.;1st Lieut, 23d Me.
T. Judson Neal, Private 1st Me. Cavalry

Class of ‘60
Enoch Foster, Jr., 2d Lieut. 13th Me.
J. Colby Harmon, Corp., 2d Me.
Henry N.W. Hoyt Private, 1st Rhode Island Cavalry (three months)
John G. Wight, United States Navy

Class of ‘61
Wm. H.H. Andrews, Qartermaster Sergeant, 11th Me
L. Horatio Mitchell, 1st Lieut. 33d Massachusetts

Class of ‘62
James A. Bedell, Corp., 27th Me., died in hospital
Chas. A. DeWitt, Private 17th Me., missing after the battle Chancellorville, deceased
Pliny F. Drew, Private 27th Me., died in hospital
Arthur Given, Jr., Private 23d Me.
Frank H. Hall, Corp., 23d Me.
E. Freeman Higgins, Orderly, 16th Me.
Albert E. Knight, Private, 1st Me. Cavalry
George M. Park, 1st Lieut. 23d Me., resigned
Arnold Steadman, Orderly 22d Me.
George T. Sumner, Sergeant, 26th Me.
Oscar M. Tucker, Sergeant, 23d Me.
J. Frank Warren, 2d Lieut., prom. 1st Lieut., prom. Capt., 27th Me.

Other Classes
Frank C. Adams, Private, 10th Me.
Silas Adams, Private, 19th Me.
George W. Brown, Private, 1st Me. (three months)
Warren B. Bailey, Private, 5th Me. Battery
Harlan P. Bailey, Private, 20th Maine
Horatio Bisbee, Jr/, Private, 5th Massachusetts; promoted Captain, Lieutenant Colonel, 9th Me., Resigned
William H. Broad, Private, 5th Maine Battery
Charles W. Bean, Sergt., 48th Mass.
Edwin Blake.
James B. Blake, died in hospital
Winfield Cutter
John E. Cutter
Josiah Chase, Jr., Corporal, 27th Me.
Daniel J. Chandler, Sergeant, 17th Maine
Charles Church, Private, 16th Maine, wounded at Fredericksburg
Aaron S. Daggett, second lieutenant, prom. Capt., Major 5th Me.
G.A. Dwelly, Private, 10th Me.
Henry W. Deering, Private, 3d Maryland
George W. Dodge, Private, 1st Me. Cavalry, died in hospital
Nelson A. Dodge, Private, 2st Me. Cavalry
Albert L. Deering, 2d Lieut. Prom 1st Lieut., prom. Capt. 5th Me.
Alonzo G. Duran, Mass. Reg., died in hospital
E. D. Eastman, Orderly, Minnesota Regiment
Fred A. Eastbrook, Assistant Surgeon, 24th Maine, deceased
Charles L. Eveleth, Private 8th. Me.
Joseph H. Freeman, 2d Lieut., 23d Me.
Henry Farr, Privaate 2d District of Columbia
Melville L. Folsom, 2st Liet. 11th Me.
Almon L. Foss, died in hospital
Sewell C. Gray, 1st Lieut., 6th Me., prom. Capt., killed at Chancellorsville
Charles A. Garcelon, 2d Lieut., 16th Me. Chief of Ambulance
Hiram M. Hatch, Private 7th Me.
Edwin B. Hatch, Private 7th Me.
Frederick Hayes, Jr., Sergeant, 5th Me. ; promoted 2d Lieut, 27th Maine
Amos Hadley, Private, 23d Me.
Nelson Howard, Orderly, 13th Me.
Henry P. Herrick, 2d Lieut., 16th Me., killed at Fredericksburg
Hansom M. Hart, Private 25th Me.
F.O.J.S. Hill, Private, 4th Me.
Edward K. Hill, Private, 4th Me.
Daniel H. Holman, 5th me. Band
William T. Holt, Sergeant, 1st Me. Cavalry
Alphonzo B. Holland, Private 2d Dist. Of Columbia
George O. Haskell, Me.
Byron Hill, Private, 2d Dist. Of Columbia
John F. Hill, Private, 1st Me. Cavalry
Azro C. Hibbard, Private, 10th Me.
Charles F. Haynes, Asst. Surgeon Harper’s Ferry hospital
John M. Jackson, private, 23d Maine
James M. Jordan, Private, 26th Me., died in hospital
Moses M. Libby, Private, 23d Me.
Hiram W. Loring, Private, 17th Me.
Lindley F. Lemont, Orderly, 5th Me. Prom 1st Lieutenant, promoted Captain, wounded at Gaines Mills
Andrew J. Lyon, 1st Lieut. 5th Me.
B.F. Lancaster, Private, 16th Me.; wounded at Fredericksburg
Edward Marr, Engineer Corps
Edwin Moulton, Corp. 13th Me.
Holman S. Melcher, Orderly, promoted 1st Lieutenant, 20th Maine
Fred. A. Metcalf, --Me.
George B. Moore, Sergeant, 7th Maine
Alden Moulton,-Me.
Rufus M. Merrill, Lieut, 9th New Hampshire
Charles P. Morrell, Hospital Steward—Me.
Charles N. Nute, Private, 2d Dist. Of Columbia
William Prescott, Private 1st Massachusetts
Levi Rackliff, 2d Lieutenant 19th Maine resigned
Virgil P. Richards, Private, 23d Maine
Cassius C. Roberts, Corporal, 10th Me.; promoted 1st Lieut., 4th La.
Franklin K. Roberts, Private 20th Me.
Joseph Rounds, Sergeant. 23d Me.
Samuel N. Royal, Private, 23d Me.
Bryon P. Russell, Chaplain, N.Y. regiment
Joseph Sawyer, Private, 7th Me.
John Stevens, Sergt. 5th Me., promoted 1st Lieut. Prom. Capt.
Rosco Stephens G., Private, 9th Me. Died in hospital
C.S. Stuart, 26th Me., deceased
John P. Swasey, 1st Lieut., 17th Me.; resigned
Charles Taylor, Artificer, Engineer Corps; deceased
John Townsend, Private, 10th Me.
Cyrus Townsend, Private, 10th Me.
Alonzo G. Turner, SErgt., 20th Me.
J.G. Young, Private, 7th Me.
E. Mellen Wight, 1st Lieut., 23d Me; resigned, appointed 1st Lieut., Invalid Corps
Amos G. Winter, Orderly, 10th Me.
William C. Winter, 2d Lieut 17th Me., deceased
B.F. Walton, Orderly, 16th Me.
John Walker, Corp., 21st Me.
Nathan F. Whitney, Private, 10th Me., killed Cedar Mountain
Henry E. Wood, Private, 23d Me.
Daniel M. Washburn, died in hospital
Harrison Winter, Orderly, 10th Maine
George Winter, 11th Maine

Elisha P. Seavey, died in hospital
Benjamin F. Whitten
Edwin Blake
James Birney Blake, died in hospital
Almon L. Foss, died in hospital
Augustine R. Taylor
A.S. Daggett, 2d Lieut. 5th Maine, prom. Capt., Major

Students in the Rebel Army
Lyman E. Brooks, (from Columbus, Georgia)
A.W. Murphy, (from Columbus, Georgia)

Additional Bates soldiers:
Civil War Veterans listed in : General Catalogue of Bates College and Cobb Divinity
1864-1930. Lewiston, ME: Bates College, 1931.

Class of 1867
Justin Franklin Spear, (non-graduate) enlisted, 1864, Co. F, 14th Me. Regiment

Class of 1868
Joseph Hewett Freeman, 2nd Lieutenant, Co. G, 23rd Me. Infantry, and Captain, Co. H, 14th Me. Inf.
Joseph Rounds, (non-graduate), Sergt. Co. G., 23d Me. Regt. 1862-1863

Class of 1870
Josiah Case, Corp., Co E, 27th Me. Volunteers.; second lieutenant, Co. B, 1st Me. Battalion, 1863-1865
Charles Otis Freeman

Class of 1871
Charles Horace Hersey, served in Navy, during last year of the War

Class of 1872
George Edwin Gay, Private (NH?), August 1864-June 1865

Class of 1873
John Edgar Hathorn, (non-graduate), Enlisted 1st Regt. Me. H.A. 1863-1865

Class of 1875, Charles Godfrey Warner, Soldier in Civil War

Cobb Divinty School
Class of 1872
Lewis Dexter, Co. H., 9th Vermont Regiment, Civil War 1864-1865

Class of 1877
Horace Jerome White, Civil War Co. A, 7th New Hampshire, Volunteer Infantry, Private, 1861-1864

Uriah Balkam, chaplain of 16th Maine Regiment 1864
Thomas Angell, Rhode Island Militia
Alonzo Garcelon, surgeon general of Maine

Additional Serving Students listed in 1862 Seminary Catalogue
Class of 1858
Charles Curtis
Willard M. Jenkins
Samuel Jordan
Stephen Manning
CHarles Verrill

Class of 1859
T. Judson Neal

Class of 1860
Enoch Foster
Henry N. W. Hoyt

Class of 1861
William H.H. Andrews
L. Horatio Mitchell

Class of 1862
Samuel B. Andrews
James Bedell
Charles DeWitt
Pliny Drew
Arthur Given Jr.
Frank H. Hall
E. Freeman Higgins
Albert E. Knight
George M. Park
Arnold Stedman
George T. Sumner
Oscar Tucker
Joseph Warren

Additional Bates veterans (other web sources)
Albert A. Newman, (attended 1859-1860), enlisted 1862 Tenth Maine Infantry Twenty-ninth Maine Regiment, mustered out 1865.
Manuel Gutierrez, (attended 1858), 39th NY Infantry

Towns in Androscoggin County, Maine where many of the students came from
East Livermore
Livermore Falls
Mechanic Falls
Also: Boston, Providence, Rhode Island, New York, Washington D.C.

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