Bates Student - College Notes

These passages are taken from February 1893 Bates Student, a newspaper published at Bates College, a liberal arts school in Lewiston, Maine.

pg. 49-50

College Notes (1893)
A Japanese club has been formed at the University of Chicago.

The total number of instructors at Yale is 185

Fifty-five new branches of the YMCA were formed among the colleges in 1892.

A chair of journalism has been established in the women's department at Rutgers

The co-eds of the University of Michigan have adopted the Jenness-Miller racing - day costume --shortskirts

One-sixteenth of the 65, 000 students in American colleges have the ministry in view.

There will be a convention of the classes of '93 from all American colleges, during the World's Fair at Chicago

Princeton has scored 740 points and Pennsylvania 45, since the latter was admitted into the Intercollegiate League

Dickinson has secured a building for hospital purposes where cases of contagious diseases may be isolated from the dormitories

The Wellesley Shakespeare Society proposes to build a club-house after the model of the English bard's old home at Stratford-on-Avon

The guides at the World's Fair, from twelve hundred to fifteen hudred in number, are to college students

The oldest college draduate in America is James Kitchens of Philadelphia, who was in the class of 1819 at the University of Pennsylvania

Professor William Jewett Tucker, D.D. of Andover, has accepted the president's chair at Dartmouth

Leland Standford, Jr. University is to have a boat crew. A club has been organized with twenty charter members

The following soliloquy is from the University Herald
To start of not to start, that is the question...

Cornelius Vanderbilt is to build a new dormitory at Yale in memory of his son. It is to be the best building of its kind in the country.

Clarkson has been engaged to coach the pitchers of the Yale nine this spring. Keefe will be the Harvard coach

The lamented James G. Blaine was a graduate of what is now known as Washington and Jefferson College, Pennsylvania

O'Connor, captain of the Dartmough nine, and Stearns of AMherst, have been offered positions of the Boston League team for the coming season

Johns Hopkins, founder of the university that bears his name, entered Baltimore at nineteen with sixty-two cents in his pocket. He died worth seven millions.
Old Tactics-
Upon the measured football field
The rival teams contend;
Their clangerous challenge send.
ANd while they never "buck the line,"
Nor need a referee,
Yet longer far than college men,
These bird have worked the V
-Brunonian (Brown University)

Alfred Whitehouse, a well-known trainer in both England and America, made the remark in recent lecture that the prettiest sprinter he has ever seen in Henry C. Ides, '93, of Dartmouth - New York Tribune

My Rival
Lost is my heart, but vanished my hope,
For my rival has won. I hope...

A new weekly called the American Arena is soon to be started. It will be entirely devoted to college athletics. It is purposed to have news from all the colleges, with cuts of te teams, notes on training, etc.

There is talk of erecting a new building at Harvard as a memorial to Phillips Brooks. It will be utilized, if built, for the religious work of the university

W.R. Castle of the Hawaiian Commission, is a graduate of Harvard Law School, and CHarles L. Carter, another member of the same commission, was graduated from the Law Department at Ann Arbor

The faculty of yale have barred the Freshment from all Intercollegiate athletics for the coming season. The cause is the recent distubances at New Haven.

Twenty-one married men are in attendance at the University of Wisconsin

In accordance with the wish of the trustees, the faculty and undergraduates of the University of Chicago will wear the cap and gown on all public occasions

The Cosmopolitan offers to pay the expenses of one thousand students at the various colleges and universities of this country and Europe, in return for work securing subscribers for that magazine.

The list of courses at the Cornell Summer School is to be greatly increased this year, and a large addition to the corps of professors is to be made. The Law School will also be opened for a summer course with instruction by the entire faculty.


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