Cobb Divinity School - Bates College

Cobb Divinity School
(this is taken from an old Divinity School Catalogue)

Historical Statement
This school is the oldest higher institution of learning in the Free Baptist denomination. It was founded September 1, 1840, when the Education Society established a Library Department in connection with Parsonsfield Seminary in Parsonsfield, Maine. The name the next year was changed to Biblical Department, and in September, 1842, the department was moved to Dracut, Mass., as an independent Biblical School. In November, 1844, it moved again to Whitestown, New York, where it remained ten years. In the fall of 1854 it was transferred to New Hampton, N.H., remaining there until the school was opened at Lewiston, Maine, in 1870, as a department of Bates College.

Rev. Moses M. Smart was the first principal of the school, and continued in that relation from 1840 until 1848. In 1844, Rev. J.J. Butler was associated with Professor Smart in teaching, and remained with the school until 1873, then becoming Professor of Sacred Literature in Hillsdale College, Michigan. Rev. John Fullonton, the present Dean of the School, became Professor of Hebrew and Church History in 1850, and for a period of forty-one years has devoted himself to the institution. In 1870 Rev. Benjamin F. Hayes became Professor of Greek Exegesis, in 1872 Rev. James A. Howe became Professor of Dogmatic Theology, and Thomas Hill Rich of Hebrew. Rev. Alfred W. Anthony became Professor of New Testament Exegesis and Criticism in 1890. From the first, able lecturers upon special topics have supplemented the instruction of the professors....


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