1712 Will of Francis West of North Kingstown, Rhode Island 1724

The Little Ivies

This intercollegiate site is the official forum for discussion between individuals affiliated with the Little Ivies (NESCAC).

The Little Ivies are a group of highly selective and academically competitive liberal arts colleges and universities in New England and New York. The schools compete against each other in the New England Small Athletic Conference (NESCAC) and participate in various academic exchanges. The colleges are often compared to the Ivy League but are generally smaller in size and faculty place a higher emphasis on teaching. The schools are sometimes even called the "Little Ivy League" or "Hidden Ivies." Official Little Ivies include:

Free papers from NESCAC and other University students: French Revolution, Manifest Destiny in the American West, Benjamin Franklin Autobiography, Philosophy of Science, French Revolution 2, Philosophy of Art, Property Law Outline, Contracts Law Outline, Civil Procedure Outline, Constitutional Outline, Criminal Law Outline, Torts Law Outline

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This site is a forum for discussion between students, alumni and faculty affiliated with the Little Ivies. Please contribute to the blog below with questions, ideas, additional info, or comments pertaining to the Little Ivies!


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